Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kyle's Memorial Site

Welcome to Kyle's Memorial Site, a place where all who knew and loved Kyle can write about him and post pics of him. For those who didn't know Kyle, you are welcome to read about the life of this incredible young man who "aimed for the sky and made it to heaven".

In order to post to this site, you will need to request a membership invitation to the site. Please include your name and your relationship (friend, classmate, relative, etc.) to Kyle in your membership request. Once you receive your invitation (via email) you will need to click on the link to complete your membership -- you will then be able to post and upload pics to this site. Feel free to post to this site as often as you like -- if you're like me, you'll probably remember stories about Kyle in bits and pieces and/or find pics here and there. It would be helpful if you introduce yourself (first name only please) and describe your relationship to Kyle at the beginning of your post so that we know who you are while reading your entry.

And since I'm starting this site, I suppose I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Jeanie, AKA Aaron's mom. Kyle was Aaron's best friend for about 10 years. As you can imagine, this is an extremely difficult time for Aaron as well as so many others. It's my hope that we can keep Kyle's spirit alive by sharing stories about him and posting pics of him here.

One thing that I can remember like it was yesterday is that Kyle scored the very first touchdown of his very first freshman football season. Ken and Karen Adams were sitting behind us in the bleachers, and after Kyle scored, I turned to them and said, "Your son just touched the very first touchdown of the boys' high school football career."

Here are just a few of the pics I have of Kyle (and friends).

Football Banquet '06

Football Banquet '05

Flag Football Tournament Dallas December '05

Fall '05 Football Season

Stephen F. Austin Trip

Watching A JV Game '05

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

K.A. Poem

The greatest guy I ever knew came from Santa Fe. The greatest guy I ever knew isn't here today. Taken from us in a flash, his life did not last. Forever in our hearts and souls, never left that way. Memories like videos, we keep rewinding to play. Our town now has an angel, the best one yet. No one can forget the warmth of the smile of the guy named Kyle.

-- Lauren 5/2/06

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kyle's Voicemail

The Adams have asked me to upload Kyle's voicemail to this website because they know that many of you still call Kyle's cell phone to hear his voice. Since they'll be discontinuing the service soon, they wanted you to still have access to Kyle's voicemail here.

Click here to listen.

Decals and Awareness Bands

Sometime in early May, the above decal will be available to the public for anyone who is interested. This is a silhouette of Kyle standing at shortstop during one of his Varsity games (the decal will be white). Green awareness bands (Kyles favorite color for awareness bands) should also be available at the same time. The decals were originally designed and initiated by the Aldersgate Methodist Youth Director and the Awareness Bands were initiated by Kayla Tibaldo. We would like to thank both for their thoughtfulness in the rememberance of Kyle. We would also like to thank Apollo Sign and Shirt located in Santa Fe for doing the artwork. The funds generated from the decals and bands will be placed in the Memorial fund that will be used for scholarships to go back to the students of Santa Fe for what we hope will be for many years. The decal and bands will be available at the school when they come in. The price for the decals will be $2.00 and the bands will be $3.00. It is anticipated that at this time, the bands will say "#5 Kyle "Maverick" Adams #8". Thanks again for all your love and kindness.

Kyle's Garden

We would like to thank Janet and Rocky Walker for this beautiful tribute to our son Kyle. I know that they have worked endlessly and relentlessly to complete this project and have placed their hearts into its finalization. The angels are wonderful and depict the way that Karen and I feel. We can never repay nor thank everyone enough for all the love and kindness that has been displayed during our time of great loss and grieving. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, their compassion, their kindness and their love. It is a another testimony to this communities greatness when one of its families are truly in need. Thanks to everyone again!!!

For those of you who would like to see the garden in person, it is located across the street from our house. It is absolutely beautiful. It is particularly beautiful at night when the lights are on both the picture and the angels.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Houston Chronicle Article 04/18/06

Here is a link to a beautiful article written by Sam Khan Jr. and published on 4/18/06. I'm also going to copy and paste it into this entry, just in case the article ever disappears into cyberspace.

April 18, 2006, 11:20 PM
Santa Fe struggles in wake of tragedy
Teammate's death tugging at Indians' emotions in baseball race

By SAM KHAN JR.Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

Like many baseball teams in the area, the Santa Fe Indians are trying to make a push toward the playoffs. They have the same challenges as other teams, whether trying to get consistent pitching or driving in runs. "We're hitting, but we're not able to get the hits with runners on base," coach Ronnie Wulf said. "We've lost a few one-run games lately, and it has been tough."

Santa Fe (17-9, 6-6 District 23-4A) is in a three-way tie for third place with district foes Dickinson and Texas City. The Indians will try to be alone in that third spot before the regular season concludes April 28. But unlike most teams in the area, the Indians have suffered a loss greater than any on the field. Their starting shortstop, Kyle Adams, was killed in an car accident March 25 on Texas Highway 6 near Magnolia. Adams, 17, was driving home in the early morning when his truck went off the road and hit a tree, police said.

"I didn't believe it," third baseman Ben Sheehan said. "I thought it wasn't real."

Remembering No. 5
Adams, 17, was a junior, one of two underclassmen in a senior-heavy lineup. He was remembered as solid and reliable.

"Even in practice, he was giving 110 percent," Wulf said. "He would make phenomenal plays when we did game-situation drills."

According to his teammates, an outpouring of support from the Santa Fe community followed for relatives of Adams, who was also a quarterback on the Indians' football team.

"It was incredible the amount of support that everyone showed," senior catcher Scott Martindale said. "The next morning his whole front and backyard was filled with people from school, friends and family."

The Indians postponed their athletic events after the accident. The baseball team resumed play at home March 31 against La Marque in what was an emotional return. Throughout the field were reminders of Adams and his uniform number, 5.

The healing began with a 10-0 Santa Fe victory. The team rode the emotion into the following week, culminating in a 5-3 win over the district's top team and the area's No. 2 team, Channelview. That gave the Indians a three-game winning streak. "We were on a bit of an emotional high when we came back," Wulf said. "I was a little bit, too."

Extra motivation
The Indians haven't won since, but they're fighting for the chance to keep their season going and make some special things happen, and a chance to honor Adams.

They do so before every home game by saying a prayer over his No. 5, which is near home plate. They also line up near shortstop for the national anthem. On the field, they are pursuing a playoff spot that Adams wanted.

"We're dealing with it a little better now," Martindale said. "It's tough knowing that Kyle isn't here, but we know we have something to play for and we want to finish the season strong.

"Kyle always talked about how cool it would be to win a state championship. Hopefully, we can do that for him."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kyle celebrating Megan's birthday

When Megan (Kyle's best friend's cousin) turned 16 her family and Kyle took a limo to Katy Mills Mall. Later the limo took us to Chili's for dinner where Kyle, Aaron, Megan and Alane had a blast just being silly. This was a very special night made even more special because of Kyle. Kyle absolutely "completed" our family.

Video and Poems in Memory of Kyle

video contributed by Emily

You couldn't say you were going
You couldn't even said goodbye
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knew why
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our heart you hold a place,
That no one could ever fill
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you're definatly not alone
because all of our love went with you,
The day God took you home.

Image hosting by Photobucket

God saw the greatest guy that there ever could be,
but he put his arms around him and whispered "Please, kyle come with me."

With our eyes filled with tears we stood in shock after his life was stripped away.
although we loved him dearly, we couldn't make him stay.

An amazing heart stopped beating as his soul was put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us that he only takes the best.


Kyle's News Video

Click to watch video

After Aaron was interviewed by the television reporters, I told him he did a good job of answering their questions. His response, "Not nearly as good a job as spending five minutes alone with Kyle would have done".